Welcome to the Salty FlyRodder’s website

The “Salty” Flyrodders of New York, the sole remaining chapter of the original Salty Flyrodders of America, was founded in 1966 by Neil Druger.

He enrolled four pioneer members: Lou Rossi, Dom DeSalvo, Erwin Zobel, and Hammond Fox. From this humble beginning, the club now boasts a membership list in excess of 200.

Our intent for this site is that it be a source of information about saltwater fly fishing for members and non-members alike. There are areas of this website however, that are accessible to members only which contain specific information about planned fishing trips, events, or member contact information.

Our philosophy is that membership in an organization entails certain benefits as well as responsibilities. Access to the restricted areas is one of the benefits. Active participation in club activities is one of the responsibilities.

All are welcome to explore our website. If you like what you see, then attend a couple of our meetings. Meet the members. Talk to them. Practice casting with us. Be a guest on one of our trips. If you still like what you see,
fill out this membership application form, and help us in spreading the joy and satisfaction of fly fishing in the salt.

Mission Statement

  • To foster and promote saltwater fly fishing;
  • To advance fly rod education and knowledge among its members as well as fishers in general;
  • To encourage and assist in any or all activities generally calculated to enhance fishing and in particular, saltwater fly rodding; and,
  • To further the development of the highest ideals and principles of conservation with an emphasis on saltwater marine life and fisheries.

Our Meetings

We meet monthly at the VFW 9592. Directions to the VFW 9592 are available from various locales.

We gather around 7 PM to get reacquainted and swap fish tales and the meeting gets underway at 8 PM. Activities range from fly fishing sessions to well known guest speakers from the saltwater flyfishing community. In the warmer months, fly casting clinics are held on the lawn adjacent to the meeting hall. The club sponsors guided trips throughout the season to virtually all accessible fishing spots on Long Island. The trips give long time club members a chance to fish with one another and to help new members learn the art of saltwater fishing.

What the club offers and why you should join:


  • On the water with club members
  • Learn new spots

Fly Tying

  • Learn from experts at club tying lessons
  • Beginners and intermediate


  • Improve your skills with casting practices
  • Increase your cast by yards

Annual Conclave

  • A weekend of fishing, fishing and more fishing on the North Fork of Long Island
  • Held in October


  • Camaraderie with passionate flyfishing anglers to share great times on and off the water


  • Learn more about the sport through presentations at monthly meetings with expert guest lecturers and members


  • At select fly shops

Up-to-date fishing reports

  • Member only pages on the website enable you to get the information on where the fish are and the best ways to catch them


  • Updates on the latest issues affecting our waters and opportunities to become active in local conservation efforts