I never thought much about leverage as it applies to casting a fly line until last week at the Somerset show. Joel and I had decided to check out a couple of the new rods being offered by Sage and Scott. While Joel, and several other people were casting, I was talking with Bert Darrow, the TGA president who is also a certified casting instructor. He was pointing out to me the way several of the casts we were watching (not Joel’s of course) were dying at the end of the cast. You know what I mean. The cast would roll out very nicely until the very end, and then the end of the line and leader would collapse in a bundle instead of splaying out fully and dropping gently to the floor.

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A Great Tapered Saltwater Leader

A Little Taste Of Salt With Lefty Kreh

After even brief experience, the average saltwater fly rodder is able to determine somewhat the type of fly line he needs, the proper rod, and has a good idea as to which flies will produce. But, most saltwater fly fishermen have almost no understanding of the function of their tapered leader.

Aside from seriously mismatched tackle, an improperly designed leader is one of the greatest reasons why a cast does not get to the target. Or if it does, it presents the fly incorrectly. The fly may fall back on the leader, or it crashes to the water so heavily that it discourages the fish from striking.

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