How Does an Organization Last for Forty Plus Years?

I was thinking about this as I was writing my last letter about the Salty’s Fortieth Conclave and I came to the conclusion that it has to be related to the interest and participation of all of the members.

The word is PASSION. When a person is passionate about something he/she wants to let others know about it whether it be an idea, a cause or a sport like ours. Based on the enthusiasm I saw at the Conclave and in the fishing reports I have been reading from various members I can see that passion is in high gear this year. I believe the quantity, size and variety of the fish being caught has something to do with it. It has been a great season so far this year. The best I have seen in a few years, with large Bass and Blues readily available. And now Bonito have shown up and I am sure the Albies will not be far behind. All that will be needed to cap off a great season is a splendid Fall run. With all the bait that is in the water and the warm weather it could last until Christmas.

What do we do with the passion and enthusiasm when the fishing is over? I have a suggestion. We channel it in a direction that will bear fruit for next year, the following year and the years after that. I say we channel some of that energy into rejuvenating the Salty’s into a club that will go on for another forty plus years. We need the participation of all our members to accomplish this. To this end, the Board is in the process of forming committees for several reasons.

  • Spread the work of running the club. Many hands make light work.
  • Encourage new ideas to reflect the members concerns and interests.
  • Increase membership
  • Provide training for new leadership to insure longevity.
  • The Constitution and By-laws call for them.
  • Last, but certainly not least, get others involved in the sport of fly fishing in the salt and provide them with the training to help make them successful at it.

There is no reason, in my opinion, why any member cannot serve on at least one committee. Each of the Board members has a full time job, are as busy as anyone else I know, yet manage to meet once a month. We do much of our work via email. As a member of a committee I can’t imagine you having to meet near that often; at least not on a consistent basis. As with the Board, much of the communication can be via email or phone.

If you recall, when you filled out your application or membership renewal, the second page of that form asked about your interests, skills and how you can get involved. Well now is the time! Below is a list of the committees being formed, its function, who has already volunteered and who the chairperson (*) is. Please take a few minutes to examine the list, determine where your interests lie and then let me, one of the board members, or the chairperson, know how you would like to help.


Membership – Maintain membership records and promote new members.

Mike Friedland*
Joel Filner

Hospitality- Provide refreshments at general meetings & other club functions.


Fly Tying – Organize and run fly tying program.

Jose Colon*
Mike Johnson
Mike Wolyniec

Constitution – Review the Constitution & By-Laws and recommend changes to the Board.

Bob Skoy*
Jose Colon
John Kelly

Finance – Accounts payable, accounts receivable, banking and book keeping

Joel Filner*

Casting – Develop casting program, organize “Casting on the Lawn”, provide instructions.

Mike Wolyniec*

Webmasters – Maintain Website, Coordinate new website development.

Patrick Long
Jose Colon

Public Relations – Promote the Salty’s to the Community at large, the media etc.

Paul Rudolph*
John Anastasi
Dee Kelly

Program – Provide presenters and other program activities for the General Meetings.

Patrick Long*

Conclave – Help plan, organize and run the Conclave each year.

Joel Filner*
Peter Kane

Conservation – Keep tabs on recent conservation issues, recommend action and report to the membership.


Next meeting is Monday, September 10th at APEC and will feature Robert Freudenberg, who will discuss Stewardship in the Nissequogue River Watershed.

Thank you all for your help and continued support of club activities.

Keep’em tight,