Year-End Letter from Our Club President

Hi Saltys – I guess the season has come to an end for most of us….locally that is. Those of us who have the time and resources to travel to Florida or other more southerly destinations can enjoy a perennial, ongoing fishing season!

As a club, we had several fishing outings and signed up a few new members which is excellent. We hosted some great local guides and fly tiers who donated their time and knowledge to us and we are all thankful to them for that. Casting on the lawn was also a lot of fun…thank you Lou, Paul and Michael. The conclave was a success despite the lack of cooperation of our targeted line siders and other finned evaders!

It was my pleasure to serve as club president in 2019 but I am stepping down to let another member take the reigns. I wish you all a great holiday and a Happy New Year to you and your families, and I look forward to fishing with you in 2020!