Striper Poaching Tale

Courtesy of Peter Nilsen, Rhody Flyrodders, who brings a tale of our favorite fish and a reason for its diminishing presence in our waters.

Here’s a story that will rip your guts out!!! Chew on this one. This is what we’re facing and one BIG reason we have no Stripers here or anywhere!

This makes me sick. I do hope they take his license away for good and confiscate his boat.

Read and weep!

On Tilghman Island, law-breaking watermen defended

They found that Lednum and Hayden falsified records, selling much more than their legal quota to fish markets in New York and other states from at least 2007 to 2011. For example, in January 2009, they “checked in” 3,500 pounds of rockfish but sold more than 12,000 pounds to a New York market, according to court documents.