The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 17, 2024 on B&B (2024)

Sheila learned a secret about Hope and gave a stern warning to the judgmental Tom. Poppy seemed disconcerted when Tom recognized her. Steffy fumed when Ridge rehired Brooke. Katie revealed her feelings about Bill's new family. Thomas and Douglas returned.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 17, 2024 on B&B (9)

by Chanel S. Garner

In Brooke's cabin, Brooke arrived with some soup for the napping Beth. Brooke noticed that Hope looked a little flustered. "You're not thinking about Steffy's husband again, are you?" Brooke asked. Hope stammered, and Brooke ordered her daughter to snap out of it.

Hope admitted that she'd daydreamed about Finn. Brooke called it a recipe for disaster. Hope claimed it had sneaked up on her, but she wouldn't do anything about it. Brooke hoped not and asked what had fueled it. Hope explained that she'd called Finn for advice about Beth's fever, and he'd driven right over. Hope gushed at how compassionate he'd been with Beth.

Brooke said it was a doctor's nature to be that way. She suspected that Hope was falling for Finn. Trying to shoo the idea away, Hope claimed that she and Finn were friends; he'd been there for her, and they'd had good talks. Brooke replied that Hope could still talk to Finn, "on the phone. About medical advice. That is it." Hope claimed she didn't want to feel that way and knew right from wrong. The last thing she wanted to do was get close to Steffy's husband.

Hoping that was true, Brooke didn't want Hope to make Brooke's mistakes. Hope claimed she wouldn't. Hope asserted her belief that Steffy, who always bossed Finn around, didn't appreciate him. Brooke insisted that Steffy had a point about Sheila, who wasn't less vicious married to Deacon. Hope noted that she at least saw Finn's view, but Steffy hadn't even made the effort.

Brooke reasoned that Steffy had been shot. Brooke didn't normally agree with Steffy, but Brooke didn't think Finn should be near Sheila. Hope replied that if Sheila really had changed, Finn should be able to make up his mind without everyone weighing in. Hope asserted that Steffy was controlling, but Brooke insisted that Hope had to stay out of Steffy and Finn's relationship.

Hope got it and couldn't even believe she was attracted to Finn. "Don't say that out loud!" Brooke insisted. Hope couldn't help it and asked if Brooke could blame Hope. Brooke scoffed. Hope admitted that she had a crush, but she said it wouldn't hurt anyone or go further. "I will put a stop to these feelings before they get any more out of control," Hope decided.

Brooke left, and Hope sighed, thinking of hugging Finn. She told herself that she couldn't because it was Steffy's husband, but the look on Hope's face said otherwise.

At Il Giardino, Sheila and Deacon canoodled and checked out their wedding photos on a tablet. To her surprise, her son arrived, and she showed him a photo. Finn said that photo had been on the restaurant's page, and it had caused him to do a lot of explaining. She apologized, saying they'd just wanted to blast their news, and it had meant a lot to them that Finn had been there.

Finn grumbled that his presence at the wedding had caused serious trouble with Steffy. Deacon noted that Finn hadn't known the wedding would be there. Sheila wondered if Steffy could ever see things from his perspective and consider that he might be right about Sheila. Finn claimed it was too much to ask of Steffy, due to her past with Sheila. Sheila and Deacon tried to reason that Steffy could at least let Finn see Sheila. Finn said he was only there to tell Sheila that he was happy for Deacon and her, but Finn had to respect his wife's wishes.

Later, Deacon thought it was important that Finn had shown up to talk to Sheila. Sheila was tired of hearing about Steffy, who had to be the one calling the shots. Deacon said that Sheila had to understand on some level. Sheila glared at him, and he figured it was fine that Steffy wouldn't invite them to brunch. He doubted she could cook, anyway. Sheila hated it because she knew that if it wasn't for Steffy, she'd have a beautiful future with her son and grandson.

Later, Deacon was working behind the bar when Brooke arrived. He wondered if she was there to congratulate him. Brooke said she wouldn't go that far, and she was worried about him. He said there was no reason to be, and it had meant a lot that Hope had been at the wedding. Brooke expressed her disagreement with that, too, and added that she hadn't been thrilled with a lot of Hope's decisions, anyway.

Deacon latched onto the statement, and Brooke tried to say it was nothing. Sheila paused around the corner and listened as Brooke gave in, saying that Deacon couldn't say anything to anyone. Brooke figured it might be handled already. Deacon grew anxious. Brooke whispered that their daughter was having feelings for an inappropriate man.

Deacon asked who that was. Brooke whispered that it was Steffy's husband. "Steffy's husband!" Deacon exclaimed, and Sheila looked shocked by what she'd heard. Brooke asked Deacon to pipe down and explained that Finn and Hope had been bonding over Deacon and Sheila.

Making hand gestures, Deacon asked if Hope and Finn had done anything. Brooke stated that it wasn't like that, and Finn thought they were just friends. Brooke added that Hope didn't think Steffy should kick Sheila out of Finn's life, but Hope knew she couldn't get involved in anything like that. Deacon said Brooke was obviously worried. Sheila grinned.

In Eric's office, Steffy said they needed to talk more before they committed to putting Brooke front and center. Ridge asserted that he was trying to do that, but Steffy seemed to be on a different planet. Steffy admitted that it was Hope. Ridge replied that Hope and Steffy had been locking horns since childhood, and it was nothing new.

Steffy explained that she normally wouldn't let Hope get to her, but Hope was involving Steffy's husband. Steffy announced that Hope and Sheila were best friends, so Steffy didn't want Hope anywhere near Steffy's husband.

Later, Ridge asked how much time Hope and Finn spent together. Though Steffy didn't think they planned it, Steffy stated that it was often, and they'd been in the office together the other day. Ridge insisted that Finn needed to learn to stay away from Sheila, and Hope didn't get to make the calls. Steffy agreed and repeated that she didn't want Hope around her husband.

Steffy continued to gripe about Hope and said she'd asked Brooke to talk some sense into Hope. Ridge revealed that he'd also spoken to Brooke about Hope and Sheila. Finn arrived, asking if they were talking about Sheila. "And you. You gotta stay away from her," Ridge said.

Later, Ridge had gone, and Steffy said she hadn't meant to be talking about Finn behind his back. Finn replied that Ridge was her father, and she'd confide in him. Finn revealed that he'd stopped by Il Giardino to tell Sheila that Steffy had been upset about the wedding thing, and his family was his priority. Steffy wished he'd avoid Sheila completely, but he said he'd felt that talking face to face would make her take him seriously.

Steffy replied that doing it in person sent Sheila mixed signals. She reminded Finn that Sheila was a stalker and psychopath who perceived things differently. Finn conceded that he hadn't considered that, but he believed he'd broken through and that Sheila knew how important Steffy was to him and how much he loved her. Steffy thought they had wonderful things in their lives, but Sheila was the only source of conflict. She wished Sheila wasn't in their lives.

Finn replied that Sheila didn't have to be, but Steffy said Sheila wouldn't let him go. Hope was getting on Steffy's nerves by telling her that she couldn't say anything to her husband about it. Finn hugged Steffy, saying Hope wasn't a problem for them.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 17, 2024 on B&B (10)

by Chanel S. Garner

At Il Giardino, Sheila listened in as Brooke and Deacon discussed Hope's crush on Finn. Deacon figured that Hope just admired the super-hero-like Finn. Brooke clarified that it wasn't admiration, and she said Hope wasn't proud of it. Brooke said she'd told Deacon because he was Hope's father, and Hope hung out there with Finn. Brooke said Steffy probably wouldn't ever let Finn go there again, but she wanted Deacon to discreetly keep an eye out.

Brooke emphasized that Deacon could tell no one, and Sheila grinned. Brooke was concerned about it because it affected Forrester, Ridge, and Steffy. When Deacon said his main concern was Hope, Brooke divulged everything going on with Hope, who believed that Steffy was too controlling, especially where Sheila was concerned. Deacon agreed with Hope, saying that no amount of whining and griping would change who Finn's birth mother was.

Brooke defended Steffy's view. Deacon was glad that Hope was keeping an open mind, unlike Steffy. Brooke noted that Hope had her doubts about Sheila, also. Brooke repeated that she didn't want Deacon to tell anyone about it, and she said she thought she'd gotten through to Hope. Brooke prayed that Hope would end her feelings for Steffy's husband.

Later, Deacon answered the phone for Hollis and promised to check the temperatures on the refrigerators. After the call, Deacon wondered where Sheila was. He flashed back to their wedding and grinned. Sheila arrived, and he wondered where she'd been. She claimed that she'd lost track of time. He told her that he was about to check the fridge unless she needed anything.

Sheila was shocked that Deacon hadn't thought of taking her upstairs at that very moment. She sensed that he had something on his mind. Deacon claimed that it was just work. She revealed that she couldn't stop thinking that Finn might never show up there again, but Deacon joked that no one could stay away from his pizza. She was frustrated because she knew she could be a big part of Finn and Hayes's lives if it weren't for Steffy.

Deacon reasoned that Finn had to take Steffy's feelings into account. Sheila replied that Finn couldn't go against Steffy without Steffy going ballistic. Sheila called Steffy closed off and unforgiving. Deacon warned Sheila not to get caught up in that again. Sheila talked about how frustrating it was and said even Hope was willing to show some understanding.

Deacon replied that Hope hadn't joined the Sheila Carter fan club. Citing that Hope and Finn had gone to the wedding, Sheila wondered why Steffy couldn't do that much. Deacon said it wouldn't happen if Sheila tried to muscle her way in. Sheila knew it and guessed she'd been dreaming to think she could win Steffy over. Sheila wondered what things would be like if Finn was with a woman willing to give Sheila a chance.

In Eric's office, Steffy sighed, thinking of Finn assuring her that Hope wouldn't be a problem. Hope arrived early for a meeting Ridge had called and decided to return later. Steffy stopped Hope, desiring to talk about Finn. Hope said Finn wasn't a good topic for them. Steffy snapped that it was why it would be the last time it would come up.

Steffy explained that Hope needed to know what Finn and Steffy had concluded about Hope, so that Hope knew the boundaries. Steffy said Finn had assured her that Hope wouldn't influence him about Sheila, but given Hope's attitude about it, Hope needed to stay away from Finn.

Later, Ridge read a report at the desk as Steffy and Hope sat at the conference table, bickering with each other about Steffy's paranoia about Hope and Finn. Steffy asked if Ridge was hearing Hope. Steffy questioned why Hope was telling Steffy about Steffy's husband in the first place. Ridge said he knew Hope meant well, but Finn couldn't be around Sheila. Steffy added that if Hope didn't get it, she didn't need to be around Finn, who'd always put his family first.

Carter arrived, and Steffy asked what was on the agenda that hadn't been part of the meeting that morning. Ridge said they were waiting for one more person -- Brooke. As they waited, Hope brought up her idea to have another showing. Steffy shot it down, saying Ridge had given HFTF another quarter, and it wasn't prudent to throw money at a fashion show. Carter said they were pulling back on production and focusing on the design, but Hope said there had to be some flexibility with the budget. Ridge said Carter would take a look at things.

Steffy was frustrated about Brooke not being there yet. They'd already talked about the bedroom line that morning, and Steffy didn't plan on being more enthusiastic about it if Brooke made another pitch. Ridge asserted that Brooke didn't have to make any pitches, and Carter added that Brooke had brought a lot of success to the company. Steffy frowned.

Brooke arrived, and Ridge said it was time to change gears. He stated that he'd called two meetings in one day because the second one had to do with the future of Forrester. Ridge explained that he needed to evaluate his role in the company. He'd tired of taking meetings and phone calls all day. He needed to focus on design, especially with Thomas and Eric on hiatus.

Ridge was proud of the work he'd done with Steffy, and he couldn't wait to see what she'd do going forward. Hope asked if he was stepping down. He denied it, cryptically replying, "If anything, I'm stepping up. But I will be here if you need me for anything. I'm here."

Ridge stated that his commitment had to be on the creative side of things because they didn't have a company if they didn't have anything to sell. He was sure Steffy thought she could handle any slack, but given what was on her personally and professionally, he didn't want to put her in a drowning position, not if someone who'd been around for years could help them.

Ridge had taken the liberty of talking to buyers, investors, and Forrester International about where they wanted to take the bedroom line. Every one of them had been excited about the icon behind the line. Hope grinned, and Brooke said he hadn't had to do that. Ridge knew he hadn't had to do it but was glad he had. It had reminded him of Brooke's importance to the company and let him know how missed she was. He told Brooke that he was sorry, but he couldn't let it go. He wanted her on the executive team. "What?" Steffy replied.

Steffy asked if Ridge wanted Brooke to be the co-CEO. Ridge replied that it wasn't about titles, and neither he nor Brooke cared about titles. Carter told Steffy that the clients would love it. Steffy stammered, upset that Ridge hadn't spoken to her in private. Steffy announced that she and Brooke were not a team. Steffy asserted that Brooke wouldn't listen to Steffy, and Steffy certainly wouldn't listen to Brooke. Steffy refused to run the family business with Brooke Logan.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 17, 2024 on B&B (11)

by Chanel S. Garner

In Eric's office, Steffy raged, "Absolutely not!" Ridge contended that she was a born leader but couldn't do it alone, and Brooke had what the company needed. Calling it a disaster, Steffy refused to let it happen. She argued that she and Ridge were a team. Ridge said he'd still be there, but Steffy questioned how Ridge could possibly think Brooke was the answer.

Steffy wondered how long Brooke had known, and Brooke said it hadn't been long. Steffy got upset that Ridge had spoken to Brooke first, but he said it had been because he hadn't known if Brooke would even be interested in it. He added that Brooke hadn't wanted to do it, out of concern for Steffy's feelings. Brooke nodded. Ridge stated that he'd kept pushing because Brooke was what was best for the company.

Steffy declared that Ridge was best, and she asked him to look at their accomplishments. Ridge insisted that they'd keep it up, but he needed to be with the design team. Still disgruntled that he hadn't come to her first, Steffy said it was a personal decision, not a business one. To Steffy's chagrin, Carter lent his support, saying Brooke was the best fit, she'd run the business before, and she had contributed greatly. Agreeing, Hope told Brooke that all she had to do was agree.

In Brooke's silence, Hope reminded Brooke that she wanted a more active role in the company. Steffy said it would be relaunching Brooke's Bedroom, not running Forrester. Hope told Brooke that she deserved it, and Brooke should not let Steffy's unfair opinions sway her. Steffy grumbled that Hope was just urging Brooke because Steffy wanted to end Hope's line. Hope asked Ridge if he was really the co-CEO who needed less duties. "Excuse me?" Steffy asked.

Hope continued to lobby for Brooke, despite "someone's disdain for anything Logan." Ridge decided there was no point to any of it without Brooke's answer. He asked Brooke what she had to say. Brooke gazed around in thought. Hope said the Logans had contributed a lot to the company, and they couldn't let Steffy steamroll everything Logan-related.

Steffy asked if she needed to remind Hope that the business had been founded by Eric and Steffy's namesake, Stephanie. Brooke said no one wanted to undermine what Eric and Stephanie had built, and Stephanie would be proud of Ridge and Steffy.

Brooke thanked Hope, Carter, and Ridge for acknowledging her accomplishments. Brooke was sorry Steffy didn't want to work with her. Brooke had looked forward to combining their talents to see what they could do for Forrester. It was evident to Brooke that Steffy didn't want to do that.

Ridge asked if Brooke was turning it down. Brooke said she had faith that she and Steffy would learn to work together. She told Steffy that they had to, so they wouldn't dishonor Eric and Stephanie. Brooke told Ridge that she'd be honored to join them in leading the company forward. Brooke told Steffy that it wasn't Logans against Forresters; it was the two families united. "Trust me," Brooke said and smiled. Steffy shook her head.

In Li's office, Li scowled as Poppy asked if Li had time to talk. Poppy felt they'd left things in a bad way after Li had inserted herself into a private moment between Poppy, Luna, and Bill. Li defended her decision to administer the test. Poppy didn't want an apology. She was looking to move beyond the tension and conflict, since Bill had been proven to be Luna's father.

Poppy recalled when she'd been five years old, and their mother had punished and scolded her in front of everyone because she'd broken tradition by taking a roll off the table before their grandmother had been served. Poppy recalled Li comforting her later when she'd been alone and hungry in her room, and Li had even brought her some dinner rolls.

Poppy wanted her big sister back. Li seemed moved but said it had been a long while back. To Poppy, though, it had been like the other day. Poppy knew she'd let Li down, but Li had let Poppy down, too. Poppy wanted a new start for everyone.

Li asked if that was because Poppy finally had the rich man she'd always wanted. Li didn't know what she was supposed to say; her opinion of Poppy hadn't changed. Li felt for poor Luna, who finally knew her father. It was a mystery to Li why Poppy had kept it from Luna, but Li bet it had more to do with Poppy than Luna.

Poppy defended her feelings for Bill, saying that money or not, she found him to be strong, sweet, and tender. Poppy was in awe of Bill as a father. Poppy wished Li could move on from her issues with Poppy, but in the meantime, Poppy thanked Li for wanting the paternity test and making Poppy's dream come true.

At Bill's house, Katie was touched that Bill had remembered how she liked her coffee. He thanked her for stopping back over and was sure she knew what he wanted to discuss. He noted that they hadn't had a chance to talk. Katie quipped that Poppy had been glued to him. He asked how Katie felt about him having another child with another woman.

Katie said she loved Luna but didn't know Poppy, and Katie asked if Bill hadn't found it odd that Poppy had kept Luna's paternity from him. Bill said Poppy had been scared. Katie guessed that that one night "20 years ago" had really been "something." Bill asked if Katie felt threatened by him sharing a daughter with Poppy. Katie claimed she wasn't threatened.

Bill insisted that something was there, and he could hear it in Katie's voice. Katie said she didn't think her feelings were justifiable. Opening up, Katie stated that he'd never had a relationship or made a family with Liam and Wyatt's mothers. She and Will had lived in that house with Bill, and she'd thought that part of Bill's heart would always belong to them.

Bill replied that it would, but Katie noted that he was living with a brand-new family in the house where they'd raised their son. Katie felt like she sounded stupid. Bill told her that she could never sound that way, and she and Will could never be replaced. They recalled raising Will in that room, and Bill said he'd hold those memories dear to his heart.

Later, Bill and Katie continued to laugh and share memories of Will. Bill said their life had been as perfect as it could get until he'd ruined it, and he couldn't forgive himself for what he'd done to her. Katie said what had happened with Brooke was "so far in the past," and Katie believed him when he said he was over Brooke. He claimed that hurting Katie that way had been the biggest regret of his life.

The topic changed to Poppy and Luna, and Katie said she was happy for Bill. She asked that it stay out of the press until they could tell Will. Bill received an important message from Spencer. As he left to attend to business, he told Katie she could stay, and there was no rush. Sitting on the couch with her had reminded him of old times. He said she knew how he felt and would always feel. "You're my Katie," he uttered, and he left.

Alone, Katie shed tears as she thought of times with Bill and Will. Poppy arrived and asked what Katie was doing there.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 17, 2024 on B&B (12)

by Chanel S. Garner

At Il Giardino, Sheila sat at the bar, grinning as she replayed Brooke and Deacon's conversation about Hope and Finn in her mind. Deacon startled her, accusing her of eavesdropping and overhearing everything. Sheila claimed she had no idea what he was talking about.

Deacon assumed Sheila had overheard his conversation with the travel agent about their honeymoon. Overjoyed, Sheila jumped into Deacon's arms, imagining that he'd take her somewhere tropical and "clothing optional." Sheila wondered when she'd ever been so happy, and he guessed he was doing something right.

Sheila felt that Deacon was doing everything right, and she'd never felt that kind of support before. He pledged till death would they part, even when she said crazy things that worried him, like expressing her desire to have a bigger role in Hayes's life when she knew whatever Steffy said went. Sheila replied that Deacon made it sound as if Finn had no mind of his own.

As Tom entered the building, he heard Sheila and Deacon talking and ducked behind a wall to listen in. Deacon told Sheila that she'd done too much to Steffy for Steffy to forget or forgive. Sheila asserted that she'd changed. Deacon replied that it was why he'd married her, and he knew that she wanted to live a positive, decent life. Sheila wished Steffy could realize it.

Later, Deacon trained Tom on waiting tables and instructed him to stow his things behind the bar. Tom did as instructed and tucked papers into his backpack. He promised not to let Deacon down and said he would forever be in Deacon's debt. Deacon replied that he and Sheila were in Tom's debt, and Tom announced that he wanted to talk to Deacon about Sheila.

Overhearing, Sheila stopped striding into the room and ducked behind some bushes. She listened in as Tom said he thought he'd do some research online, so he could do the best job. He'd sought to learn about Deacon and his new bride without asking a lot of questions. At the library, he'd researched Sheila, and it had freaked him out. Tom was surprised that Deacon had married a woman with quite a past.

Deacon explained that Sheila had things in her past that she'd undo if she could, but she was a changed woman. Getting back to work, Deacon asked Tom to retrieve some things from the supply closet. Tom looked troubled, and behind the wall nearby, so did Sheila.

At Eric's conference table, Steffy shook her head as Brooke said she looked forward to working together -- Logans and Forresters united. Disgruntled because Ridge hadn't come to her first, Steffy raged that they couldn't work together with Brooke wedged between them. Steffy questioned Ridge's respect for her. Not wanting his responsibilities to land on Steffy, Ridge said he was doing it for her and the company. He hoped Steffy would see it someday.

Steffy assumed it was done. Hope stated that Brooke had been sidelined too long, but Steffy said it had been Brooke's choice. Brooke clarified that she was ready to help out so that Ridge could focus on couture. Steffy claimed to welcome that, but Hope figured Steffy didn't welcome a Logan having say in the company. Carter and Ridge wanted everyone on the same page about what was best for Forrester. Brooke added that it shouldn't be about division or Forresters versus Logans. Brooke asked if they could agree, and Steffy scowled.

Later, Steffy sat at the table, sulking, as Carter and Ridge discussed finalizing Brooke's return. Carter said they'd all make it work, and Ridge said they'd do what was best for Forrester. Steffy vowed to always be committed to Forrester. Ridge asked if that meant she'd give it a chance. Steffy agreed to do it and figure out a way to get through it.

Finn arrived, and Steffy cut her eyes at him. He said he hadn't meant to interrupt. Steffy told him that it was fine, and they were discussing bringing Brooke into an executive position so Ridge could concentrate on design. Finn asked what it meant for the co-CEOs.

Carter left, and Finn asked where Brooke had gotten the idea. Ridge announced that it had been his idea because he needed to focus on design. Ridge was upset that he'd disturbed his daughter and that she felt he didn't respect her. It wasn't true. As he left, he asked her to just give it a chance.

As soon as Ridge was gone, Steffy griped about "another Logan" every time she turned around. Hope was bad enough, but "now I have to deal with Brooke? Are you kidding?" Finn hated Steffy being so upset and wondered if Brooke had pressured Ridge. Steffy believed it had been all Ridge, but at the end of the day, she still had to deal with Brooke.

Finn said Brooke could be a good fit if Steffy gave it a try. "Finn, are you really going to say that to me right now?" Steffy whined. Finn tried to say what he meant, but she claimed to know. "I really don't need my husband defending Brooke -- or Hope," Steffy replied.

In the design office, Hope cooed about Brooke's new position and working with her mom. Brooke was adamant about getting off on the right foot and giving Steffy time to adjust. Hope promised to resist doing a victory dance in Steffy's presence.

Brooke turned the topic to Hope's feelings about Finn. Hope didn't want to lie to Brooke or herself, but Brooke said being attracted to Steffy's husband would only lead to disaster. "You do understand that, don't you?" Brooke asked. Hope said Finn was married, and to think of being with him "would be like..." Brooke assumed it would be like Hope becoming her mother.

Hope said she hadn't meant it that way, and she was proud of her mother. Hope didn't know why her emotions were so out of control, first with Thomas and then with Finn. Brooke didn't know, either, but asked Hope to stop thinking of Finn that way. Hope said she didn't want to think that way. It was as if something was clouding her judgment, and she didn't recognize herself. Hope knew Finn wouldn't leave Steffy, and his loyalty and capacity for love had made her admire him. Hope claimed that their marriage was between them, and Hope promised not to be "that woman."

At Bill's house, Poppy wondered if the guard at the gate had let Katie in. Katie revealed that the guard's name was Alfred, and he had been with "us since I was Bill's wife." Poppy asked "how long ago" that had been. Katie said it didn't matter because Poppy had become the lady of the manor. Poppy said it was all new to her. Katie stated that Poppy seemed to be enjoying it. Poppy asked if Katie wouldn't enjoy sharing a home with Bill and her child if she was in Poppy's shoes.

Katie revealed that she had been in Poppy's shoes before, and she and Bill had moved in there when they'd started their lives together. Katie remarked that Poppy was settling in quickly, and Poppy explained that they had a lot of lost time to make up for, lost years as a family. Poppy wanted Luna to know her siblings and guessed Katie was there about Will.

Bill emerged from the back, wondering what he'd walked in on. Poppy said she'd been surprised to find Katie there. Bill explained that he'd wanted to talk to Katie about her feelings about him discovering another child. Katie replied that it had been a lot to learn that Poppy hadn't told him about Luna in all those years. Poppy said Bill understood why. Bill expressed that Poppy had given him an incredible gift, and he'd always be grateful. Katie scowled as Bill kissed Poppy.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 17, 2024 on B&B (13)

by Dan J Kroll

At Forrester Creations, Hope was hard at work when Brooke dropped by the design office to check on her. Looking around, Brooke joked that it wasn't a "very good look" that Hope was working harder than Forrester's newest executive. The conversation quickly turned to what Brooke believed to be her daughter's "misguided attraction" to Finn. Hope insisted that her feelings went deeper than that, but she acknowledged that she did not want to lose Finn's friendship and would have to find a way to "handle" her feelings.

Brooke embraced Hope and assured Hope that she was doing the right thing. Ridge passed by the open office door and asked what was going on. He worried that something might be amiss with the Hope for the Future line. Hope assured him that was not the case and thanked him again for giving the line another quarter to find its footing. Ridge then asked if Brooke and Hope's embrace had something to do with Steffy.

Hope told Ridge that she'd felt "lost" ever since Thomas and Douglas had left. She added that her feelings had also been all over the place. Ridge told Hope that if she ever wanted a man's opinion, he would always be there for her. Hope thanked him for the offer. Ridge admitted that he didn't really know all the details surrounding Hope and Thomas' breakup, but he did know one thing. "That boy loved you... loved you very much" Ridge said.

Hope seemed uneasy with Ridge's words. Hope explained that she hadn't felt ready to accept a marriage proposal that she had not been ready for. Hope began to sob openly as she admitted that she'd been struggling. Ridge asked Hope if she'd reconsidered the proposal. Hope replied that she was still not ready.

Later, Hope headed to the executive office to be alone. She sat down at the conference table and recalled Thomas once telling her that he was a "one-woman man." A knock sounded on the door, and Hope told the person on the other side of the door to enter. When she looked up, she saw Douglas beaming broadly in the doorway. They raced toward each other and into an embrace. Hope looked back to the door and spotted Thomas. "Hello, Hope," he said with a smile.

At Il Giardino, Tom told Deacon that he wanted to make amends about the way he'd overstepped the day before. "You turned my life around. You gave me a job when I couldn't get the world to make eye contact with me," Tom said. Deacon assured Tom that they were okay and sent Tom to the supply closet to make a list of any cleaning supplies that were needed.

Once Tom was gone, Sheila walked over to Deacon and asked him how his newest employee was working out. Before Deacon could answer, he caught sight of Bill and Poppy entering the restaurant. "He's a lot more pleasant than some of the customers," he grumbled. Sheila turned and spotted Bill and pleaded with Deacon not to make her wait on Bill's table. Deacon wryly smiled and told Sheila that she owed him.

Deacon approached Bill and Poppy and stated that he hadn't seen Bill's name on the reservation list. Poppy explained that the reservation was under the name "Nozawa" and that someone on the restaurant staff had been kind enough to move their reservation from the day before because Bill had needed to cancel due to work commitments.

Asked where they wanted to be seated, Bill quipped, "Anywhere but the homicidal maniac section." Once seated, Poppy thanked Bill for the "existence" she suddenly had. Bill, she said, had transformed her life and Luna's. Bill said that he did not have the words to express how he felt.

Later, Tom brought Deacon items for a take-out order, an order that included "three orders of toe hors d'oeuvres." Deacon chuckled and revealed that he'd added the item to the menu after his wedding. Tom again brought up concerns that he had with Sheila. He said that it freaked up him out that Sheila had cut off one of her toes to fake a bear attack. Sheila overheard the conversation and rolled her eyes. Deacon had to rush off to take a call from a wine distributor.

After Deacon left, Sheila turned around to talk to Tom about what she'd heard him say. Tom's face fell as he took note of the bread knife with a long, serrated blade that Sheila held in her hand. Sheila thanked Tom for all that had had done and told him that he was well liked. However, she admonished him that that could change if he were to say or do the wrong thing.

Tom arrived tableside to pour water for Bill and Poppy, but things went wrong when he accidentally spilled water all over the table and knocked one of the glasses over. As Tom was apologizing, he locked eyes with Poppy. They both stared at each other silently for a few moments before Poppy asked for some privacy. Bill groused about the poor service, but Poppy was clearly elsewhere. When she finally snapped back to the present, Bill leaned in for a kiss.

Back in the kitchen, Sheila told Tom that he should not bad-mouth her to her husband. "I may have had a colorful past, but it was my past, and it stays there," Sheila said coldly. Tom nodded in agreement. Tom walked away and peered out into the restaurant, where he once again locked eyes with Poppy.

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