The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps (Tuesday, July 9, 2024) (2024)

In Eric's office, Hope asked Steffy to admit that's she'd always been threatened by the Logans. Steffy chuckled, denying it. Hope asserted that the Logans were there to stay whether Steffy liked it or not. Steffy decided that Hope was paranoid, but if HFTF failed -- again -- it would be canceled. "You want to cancel Hope's line?" Finn asked from the doorway.

Seemingly validated, Hope told Finn that Steffy would love nothing more than to see Hope and her line disappear. Steffy claimed it wasn't true and that Hope was twisting her intentions. Finn stated that Hope had done impressive, meaningful things with the line. Steffy cut her eyes at him. He asked why Steffy was doing it to Hope.

Steffy replied that she wasn't doing anything to Hope, and Finn said it was Hope's line. Stating that he was a doctor, Steffy asked him to stay in his lane because she knew what lines were on the way in and out. Hope asserted that after one bad report, Steffy had determined that HFTF was on the way out without giving it any chance to recover.

Hope and Steffy bickered about Ridge and Carter siding with Hope, and Steffy insisted that it would be an issue if HFTF kept spiraling. Hope persisted in her belief that Steffy was being personal and wanted to eliminate the Logans from the company for good.

Finn stressed the importance of getting along, but Steffy said Hope was taking business personally. Hope accused Steffy of trying to sabotage Hope's life. Steffy received an important message about meeting Carter. As she left, she asked Finn to respect her business decisions.

Alone with Finn, Hope apologized for dragging him into it. Hope was worked up, arguing that she hadn't wanted their families pitted against each other. Finn asked if she was okay. Hope revealed that another migraine was rolling in. She asked him to do the "thing." Finn began targeting pressure points in her hand, and she gazed at him worriedly.

At Eric's house, Brooke had been caught off guard by Ridge's request that she return to a leadership position at Forrester. "You want me to join you and Steffy?" Brooke asked. Ridge reasoned that it would be more like joining Steffy. Brooke stiffly nodded. Ridge reasoned that she knew everything about fashion and what buyers wanted before they did. She'd given a lot to Forrester, but he sensed she had more to offer.

Brooke said she was flattered. Ridge, however, had intended to be convincing, not flattering, but he sensed a "but" coming. She replied that it was a huge responsibility. He stated that it would be a breeze for Brooke, who knew the company. She flashed him a look, and he conceded that it would not be a breeze; however, she could handle it. Brooke asked how he thought Steffy would react. Brooke reminded Ridge that she was a Logan.

Ridge didn't want it to be about that. He noted that Steffy and Brooke were both strong. He wanted them to work together. Brooke pointed out that the women were both strong-willed, and Brooke could see them butting heads. Ridge said that he and Steffy didn't always agree, either, and she and Steffy would work things out. Ridge thought it would be good for the women's personal relationship, too.

In the design office, R.J. figured it was the best day ever for Luna. Li said Poppy could have told Bill a long time ago but had chosen not to. Katie figured Poppy hadn't been sure before. Everyone agreed that it changed everything, and Katie said Bill was probably realizing there was a lot of time to make up for. R.J. wondered if he should go to Bill's or if he'd be intruding, but Li and Katie urged him to see Luna.

After R.J. had gone, Katie noted that Li didn't seem as excited as R.J. "Are you?" Li asked. Li was still shocked that Poppy hadn't been trying to trick Bill, and Luna was Bill's daughter. Katie hadn't gotten from Poppy the vibes Li was describing, but Li said Katie didn't have a history with Poppy. Katie asked if Poppy was putting on for Katie's benefit.

Li replied that Katie was important to Bill, so Katie was important to Poppy. Li figured Poppy wanted to seem unassuming and innocent, but Li knew how Poppy operated. Li claimed that Poppy had had the same pattern with rich, older men, but as it turned out, Luna really was Bill's child. Katie asked if Li was seeing Poppy more favorably.

Later, Li explained that she'd gained an admiration for Bill when he'd found her lost and traumatized behind a restaurant after her run-in with Sheila. Li believed she was there that day because of Bill. Katie remarked that Li had a special connection to him. Li replied that he'd always have a special place in her heart, and she hoped Penelope deserved him.

At Bill's house, Luna, Poppy, and Bill basketed in the happiness of their news. Poppy loved Bill even more because they shared a child. Bill felt blessed to have Poppy and Luna in his life, and he loved Poppy for giving him the amazing Luna.

R.J. arrived. Luna ran into his arms, exclaiming that Bill Spencer was her father. Luna beamed that she was lucky to learn that Bill was her father, but Bill felt as if he was the one who'd hit the jackpot. Bill vowed to love and protect Luna and Poppy. Bill noted that they'd missed out on a lot of time together, but it made what they had more special. He didn't intend to waste a moment.

Bill remarked that they couldn't get back the lost years, but they could take advantage of the time they did have. He said it was why he wanted Luna and Poppy to move in. Luna and Poppy looked surprised, but Bill said they were his family -- them and his three boys. He was sure his sons would love having a sister. Poppy asked if he was sure. Bill declared that their life as a family started right there and there, and they hugged.

The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps (Tuesday, July 9, 2024) (2024)


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