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"Will you marry me? No? Well, how about you? Will you?"

Looking back over the cast, I've decided that Thomas Forrester has driven more miles in the Bachelor Mobile than any other long-running male character on the show. He's only been married twice, both marriages of convenience. He married Gabbie in 2005 to keep her in the country and married Hope in 2019 as part of a co-parenting arrangement for Douglas. Isn't it time he experiences a real love with a real wife and the birth of his own child? Remember, he missed out on that with Douglas because Ridge was purported to be the father at the time.

Is it really a surprise Thomas is always a wedding guest, but rarely a groom? Frankly, yes. As Ridge Forrester's first-born son who inherited all the looks and talent, one would think he would have been married, annulled-and-or-divorced at least a dozen times by now with maybe a couple of his own newfound kids coming out of the woodwork like his nemesis Bill has.

One thing blocks Thomas' way -- his super obsession with Hope. Thomas has been trying to marry that girl since Cabo. Remember that his 2019 marriage proposal happened with the actual ring from Cabo. The first time he proposed to Hope, it was during a scheme with Steffy and Bill to separate Liam and Hope. The second time he proposed, it had been another scam to make her Douglas' mom. The third time, he was just nagging, but the fourth time, he was finished.

Hope questioned Thomas about asking Paris to marry him so soon after asking Hope. He replied that sometimes, one had to keep knocking until someone answered. Is he wrong to turn his back on her to pursue a marriage and family goal with someone like-minded? Some say he's settling for Paris, but I think he'd be settling for Hope if he lived life on her terms, not his own.

Paris seemed like a weird choice to Hope, but I commend the writers for reaching into Thomas' past for something familiar. Once upon a time, when he roomed with Paris, he had a thing for her, and Douglas loved spending time with her. It had been bad timing because Paris had been with Zende. I thought we'd heard the end of it, but every now and then, Paris would come out in support of Thomas -- like championing him to return to Forrester after the CPS call. Then, there was that time Paris got Hope to admit that Thomas was hot. Scenes like that reminded me that Paris has always been lowkey in Thomas's life and corner. How apropriate that when he removed his Hope blinders, he finally saw Paris -- in Paris, of all places! Could it be more romantic?

Thomas convinced me that he'd really thought about it before proposing to Paris. After all, he'd done this to her sister, and we saw how Grace went after Carter for doing it to Zoe and Paris. Thomas doesn't want any of that mom thunder. Plus, putting Douglas and Paris through this only to fall back into Hope's bed would prove that Thomas hadn't changed or grown.

Speaking of "Mom Thunder," who wasn't thundering mad when Douglas called Paris "Mom"?

Who are you calling "Mom"?

Douglas is cute, but he can't skate for calling Paris his mom in front of his mom. Thomas brushed it off as excitement and shrugged, explaining, "We're going to be married, so..." There's no "so" about that one, Thomas. Hope is that child's legal, adoptive mother, and she went through all she did to gain that right, so Thomas wouldn't do something like this to her -- try to replace her.

Thomas can replace Hope in his life if he wants to, but he shouldn't confuse Douglas about who his mom is. I wasn't fond of him calling Hope "Mom," either, before she adopted him. I never heard Douglas call Liam "Dad," let alone say it in front of Thomas -- no matter how estranged Thomas was from his child at the time -- and I think Douglas needs to save "Mom" for Mom.

If Paris was worried about how the Forresters would feel about her due to her father stealing Hope's baby, Paris should have given some thought to that before misappropriating the maternal title Douglas has for Hope.

Is the cart already before the horse?

With all Thomas' talk of getting married and then starting a family, I recalled Liam asking Hope if she'd have another child. Hope claimed that she might, just not with Liam. I fast-forwarded my mind to Hope fainting over Sheila, to her inexplicable hormones for Finn and her migraines. Could Hope be pregnant?

It's been a while since Thomas was in town, but if Hope is still experiencing periods, she could very well be pregnant and not know it. Steffy called Hope "Brooke 2.0. This scenario would truly make Hope like her mother if she rushes to the wedding to tell Thomas, but he has already married Paris and left for his honeymoon.

If Hope isn't pregnant, my next guess is Paris will be by the time Thomas leaves Hope for her.

Free love, pizza, and secrets

Poppy wasn't expecting that free pizza delivery from Tom, and some viewers surely weren't expecting that bombshell Tom dropped on cliffhanger Friday. It looks like music is in Tom's blood -- and Luna's, too, if what Tom said to Poppy is true. Tom declared himself Luna's father, and I shot out of my seat, screaming, "I knew it!"

Did I know Tom was her father? No. I just knew Bill wasn't. No matter how many tests Poppy and Li brought into that house and no matter how many wonderful memories Bill claims to have of that night, I was not buying it! It was all happening way too fast, and Bill is too gullible. Learning that Tom played guitar at festivals made me start to think that maybe Poppy was dancing to his tune back in the day, and it didn't take long before the plot revealed that it was true. Tom and Poppy knew each other in the Biblical sense.

How did it happen? How could Li's home DNA kit have been wrong? I don't know, and I'm wondering if we'll find out before something happens to snooping Tom. Not only is the blue-drink-slurping pizza man irking Poppy, but he's also getting on Sheila's bad side. Everyone knows what happens to former alcoholics who get on Sheila's bad side. I'm curious about what happens to old flames who get on Poppy's bad side.

Poppy's downfall might be that she's too unforgettable. Tom recognized her on sight and couldn't take his eyes off her, same as Bill. Though Bill keeps claiming he'll never forget that night with Poppy, I wonder if his memory is as reliable about it as he claims. Is Poppy even the woman he'd been with that night?

Maybe I'm thinking a little too far off the rails, but remember, Poppy acted as if she was certain she hadn't known Bill. She went from behaving like that to being the revamped love of his life. Could she have learned who Bill Spencer was from the Internet, where Luna said his life is laid bare, and then decided to become his private festival dancer?

Maybe she is the dancer, but he passed out from a drug before they had sex? Something just doesn't sit well with me about it, but I don't know what the truth is quite yet. Any guesses? You're welcome to leave them in the comments section below.

Random thoughts about other developments of the week:

Brooke 2.0 versus Stephanie 2.0. Steffy called her nemesis Brooke 2.0, and that would make Steffy the literal Stephanie 2.0, butting herself into relationships where she isn't needed. The way Steffy gloated to Hope after Thomas had gone was very reminiscent of the times Stephanie would attempt to mop the floor with Brooke's tears after a Ridge heartbreak.

Ridge, you would know about rebounds! Ridge questioned Thomas about whether he was using Paris as a rebound. Ridge would know a rebound when he saw one. He chased one straight up a mountain once. Whether it was Taylor, Ashley, or Katie, Ridge never met a rebound he didn't propose to.

Still making that dress, Brooke? Did Ridge and Brooke forget to get married or what? I know Ridge has a new outlook about taking marriage slow, but at this rate, Paris and Thomas' children will be married before Brooke and Ridge are.

In a look ahead: Oh, Lord. Another death mystery

Spoilers indicate that a death initiates a mystery for the summer. With one look at that 40-ounce blue drink of Tom's, it's a pretty good guess who dies and how. The mystery for me is how much viewers learn after he dies and how many secrets he takes with him, like Richardo did in the diamond storyline. Will viewers learn how Bill matched as Luna's dad when it was really Tom? I'd also like to know if Bill figures out that Luna isn't his before he signs a third of his fortune over in his will.

Of course, that's if Tom is the one who loses his life. Maybe after Bill changes his will, he chokes on poisoned scotch. If I could be so lucky, maybe Katie dies from an overdose of jeal-orade.

Also next week, Eric hosts a summer celebration and toasts to Paris and Thomas right in front of Hope. I wonder if Ridge will think it's a good idea to make Hope toast this couple, as well.

In a preview photo, I spotted "Brooke 2.0" coming on to Thomas. I wonder how long before they are stumbling out of elevators at Paris' feet.

That's it. I'm all scooped out. If you have a few more scoops to give, drop them in the comments section below! Until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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Rebound love and a new dad: in less than 30 minutes or it's free! (2024)


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