Buy ZYN nicotine pouches | Great prices & Fast shipping (2024)

What is ZYN?

Smokeless enthusiasts around the globe have been longing for something that packs a nicotine punch without any tobacco, this is how nicotine pouches changed the game. ZYN is not just any tobacco-free product, but an alternative that hits the satisfaction mark like snus in terms of flavor, texture, aroma, and buzz. The manufacturers of ZYN pouches are experienced in making both tobacco-free and tobacco-containing products, so they are aware of the similarities and differences between snus and nicotine pouches, which helps to make a product that imitates tobacco. The public spoke and the ZYN team listened. Soon after noticing the demand, ZYN was released in 2018 to specifically cater for those who do not seek tobacco in their pouches. This changemaking brand provided users with:

  • A Snus-Like Experience - Whilst ZYN is not snus, the experience is very similar, which is something that many seek. The plant fibres used in each pouch are chosen to mimic the texture and mouthfeel of snus. Moreover, the nicotine in ZYN is extracted from the tobacco plant for a feeling that is remarkably close to a snus buzz. N.B. The nicotine extraction process features steps to ensure that there is no tobacco in the final product.
  • Cleanliness and Purity - With tobacco out of the equation, each pouch is incredibly refined. The color is all-white which means that, unlike snus, there is no teeth staining to be concerned with, or excessive dripping to endure. The purity of a tobacco-free pouch means that the only thing that you will taste are the luscious flavors that ZYN put into the pouches, rather than the robust, earthy taste of tobacco which is not to everyone’s liking.

By offering nicotine users these two things, ZYN pouches quickly rose to fame in the smokeless industry, more than doubling its 50.4 million can shipment figure to 114.1 million cans in one year. It is no wonder that ZYN holds the number 1 nicotine pouch in the world title!

ZYN Flavors: An Innovative Twist

The taste of ZYN is best described as clear and balanced. Each flavor is refined and perfected to taste like the natural ingredient that was used for inspiration. The ZYN team has not just released great quality ZYN flavors, but also those that are creative and exciting. There are a number of tastes in the ZYN pouch family that are not often seen in other nicopod brands, which are:

Ginger Blood Orange - This rarely seen or tasted nicopod flavor fusion gives off a comforting ginger heat kick and a smile-provoking sweetness from the blood orange. It was the first pouch of this flavor to hit the market and consumers have been enjoying it ever since!

Espressino - Yes, there are other coffee pouches out there, but none like this one. Espressino combines the morning motivator flavor that is freshly brewed espresso, with the sweetness and richness of chocolate and nougat. Simply divine!

Bellini - In light of the drink inspired pouch craze, Bellini was born. If you are not familiar with this drink, it is a heavenly mix of prosecco and peach. In a pouch, alcohol is traded for nicotine and the flavor develops to a gorgeous taste of grapes and fruit tea.

ZYN Ingredients and Production

We have the highly acclaimed Swedish Match to thank for ZYN pouches. With meticulous care for detail, zyn ingredients are put together using only the most high quality raw material and consist of the following: a blend of plant fibres, flavoring, nicotine and sweeteners. Swedish Match was established in 1906, so the Swedish Match team are no strangers to the smokefree industry. Their headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden, the country in which snus and its tobacco-free counterpart originate from.

There is a certain quality and satisfaction that consumers expect from nicotine pouches that are manufactured by a Swedish company, not to mention one of the greats like Swedish Match. With this known, the company put a strict set of guidelines called GOTHIATEK in place to ensure that the ZYN pouches that hit the shelves are of the highest possible Swedish quality. Because of these guidelines, ZYN is made with the same attention to safety and hygiene as a food product, so your only concern needs to be when your next order is coming in!

In 2021, Swedish Match released VOLT featuring the much loved flavors Dark Frost and Deep Freeze which were previously seen in the ZYN flavors, but are discontinued.

ZYN Nicotine Content - For the Many, Not the Few

With so many brands that exclusively develop pouches with a high nicotine content, it can be difficult for newbies and those who are not in search of a big buzz to feel involved. What is great about ZYN pouches is that intensity is not the brand’s major selling point, but rather great quality nicopods with flavors and scents that are to die for. The ZYN strength range starts with a product containing just 1.5mg/pouch, which is accessible for almost any existing nicotine user. The strongest pouch has a modest nicotine content of just 9mg/pouch, which is low compared to the likes of strong nicotine pouches. The team cleverly chose flavors that enhance the buzz in such a way that high concentrations of nicotine are not needed. This way, there is a pouch for everyone!

Buy ZYN nicotine pouches | Great prices & Fast shipping (2024)


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