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About ZYN Nicotine Pouches and How The Brand Started

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to enjoy snus without being a big fan of tobacco, which usually makes up most of the content in a traditional can. It was for this reason that ZYN pouches were developed. Nicotine pouches are specifically made for users who want to continue to enjoy the sensation of nicotine without having to taste the flavour of tobacco or experience any of the other negative effects associated with it, such as stained teeth and bad breath.

To cut a long story short, it is thanks to the Americans that we have ZYN in the EU today. The brand started as a result of US consumer demands for a nicotine product that was free from the taste or smell of tobacco. Initially, it was launched in the states of Montana and Colorado, but the brand soon grew in popularity and was made available to the rest of the world.

With so much choice of nicotine pouch brands, the question that many consumers ask is - what makes ZYN different from the other brands on the market?Well, more than anything else, it is the quality of the product. The sensation of nicotine and great taste is still there and incredibly satisfying despite there being no tobacco in the pouch. The nicotine in ZYN comes from the tobacco plant, but it is extracted and purified with a special distillation process whereby all traces of tobacco are eliminated before entering the final product, which is great as it means that it is a brand that can be sold in the EU. ZYN is expertly crafted from carefully selected plant-based fibres which act as a base for the pouch and gives both its white colour and familiar texture.

ZYN: UK & EU Top Flavours

It is not just the smooth, long-lasting nicotine delivery that will keep you reaching for your can of ZYN time and time again, but also the flavours! The flavour production team decided to unleash their creative flair on the ZYN range, which we are very grateful for. Why? Well, this is because tastes such as the sophisticated Bellini, zingy Lemon Spritz, and the AM awakener Espressinowere born. These flavours, and many others, are a key feature in the uniqueness of ZYN. There is a taste for every mood and occasion, making this range super versatile.

Despite wacky combos and drink inspired pouches, ZYN UK has the same flavours available as in the entire European Union. The taste of mint nicotine pouchesis popular amongst EU users, so with the masterminds at ZYN knowing this, they created five pouches in this category. When brands release more than one mint pouch, it is usually just the strength that differs between them. ZYN, however, stray from the norm as their icy-cool pods vary in flavour, strength, and format!

Who Manufactures ZYN?

ZYN was created by the leading Swedish smokeless manufacturer, Swedish Match. By choosing products made by this legendary team, you can be certain that you will always get the highest possible quality. Due to the company’s long experience, market dominance, and God-like status in the nicopod world, all of their products are developed with passion and the greatest attention to detail. Swedish Match also makes other bestselling pouch products such as VOLT, XRANGE tobacco-free, and the completely nicotine free Onico.

Three Thoughtful Features You'll Love About ZYN Pouches

By now, you may have noticed that ZYN is a brand that we treasure, and we are not alone in this! Many other pouch connoisseurs in the EU share our enthusiasm, which is likely to be a result of the remarkable features of this all-white product range, which are:

  1. Functional Formats - Rather than just offering a single format for nicopod users to settle for, there are three types to choose from in the ZYN range. The fullest experience comes from the original format. If you’d rather be discreet, you can do so with ease by using their slim pouches. Got to be really secretive? Try mini, which is considerably smaller than slim.
  2. Selection of Strengths - ZYN strengths are very diverse. The weakest pouch contains just 1.5mg of nicotine, making it one of the lowest strength products that we stock. On the other end of the scale are the extra strong nicopods with up to 9mg/pouch, worthy of a position in our intense nicotine pouchescategory.
  3. Swedish Quality - Sweden is associated with high-quality tobacco-free snus as it is the country in which it was born. ZYN is not just any Swedish brand though, it is a Swedish Match brand! This means that the quality of the range is second-to-none, as it is made in accordance with the manufacturer’s strict GOTHIATEK guidelines, with the same safety and hygiene standards as food products.
Buy ZYN Nicotine Pouches | Free delivery to EU & UK (2024)


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