All about the Volley in Padel (2024)

All about the Volley in Padel (1)

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An offensive blow that reduces the opponent's reaction time and allows to finish the match point. Indeed, today in Pádel Pro Shop we will talk about the volley. In Padel, the volley is a hit that is made in the upper part of the court, that is, near the net and that, well executed, can be used to win the point. The more precise the volley, the less responsive your opponent will be, but to come close to perfection you'll need to master waiting position, impact and finishing.

What is the volleyball in Padel?

The Padel volley is a shot that takes place in areas very close to the net. As in other shots such as the spike, the player does not wait for the ball to bounce. It is considered an attack hit, which is why on many occasions it is a direct winning point.

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Accuracy is an essential factor in the volley. This blow hardly allows you to prepare, hence the importance of anticipating as much as possible before impact. The thrust of the body and the blow to the front are two basic gestures for its proper performance.

One of the advantages of the volley is that it allows us to get ahead of our rival, or what is the same, propose an offensive action that breaks the point. Since the objective is to get ahead of the opponent, the volley requires very fast movements. For example, with the volley we can achieve a double wall or a low shot that is difficult to lift.

Mastering and controlling the net is essential in Padel. Achieving an advanced position in the game and on the court increases the probability of success. The volley allows you to be very aggressive, although it is advisable to place the ball without being excessively combative since it is a more difficult shot to control.

Difference between volley and tray in Padel

The purpose of the hit or the location on the court allow to differentiate the volley and the tray . The execution or the height of the hit are also distinctive aspects.

In the case of the tray, we resort to this blow, normally, to defend and not lose the net. However, after the tray the player will have to go up to volley. With the volley we managed to change from a defensive attitude from which we came with the tray to an attacking situation.

Padel volley techniques

The grip, body position, preparation and impact make up the volley hit in Padel. By mastering these four aspects, the technique will become an effective routine. In the case of the volley, the recommended grip is the continental or hammer.

forehand volley

To achieve a correct forehand volley you must follow the following steps:

  1. racket up, the elbows are prepared in front of the body and the feet facing the opponent.
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  1. The right shoulder is also positioned in the direction of the opponent. To make the example more visual, imagine that you have a balloon in your hands and that it cannot fall at any time.
  1. At impact the hands should still keep the same distance as in the previous step and the left foot should be slightly forward. The body also leans forward. To improve this technique you can try to coordinate the impact with the drop of the foot.

backhand volley

The backhand volley technique shares almost the same execution as the forehand volley. In this situation, at the moment of impact, the left hand is separated from the blade and the left arm is extended back. Likewise, the body and the right foot pass forward.

Padel volleyball for beginners

How to improve the volley?

If you still haven't mastered the volley technique, here are a couple of tips to improve your shot:

  • To progress your body positioning during the volley you can block your arms with a ball tube placed under the armpits. With your elbows in front you will have to try to block the ball and hit it in front of the picky.
  • The trick of the volley is always to hit it in front so that it passes the net. If due to a wrong position the ball hits the blade behind the body, you will lose quality, depth and control.
  • The moment of impact is key but not the only one during the volley. The perfect balance is between position and impact. Therefore, to improve the right volley you can place a ball under the armpit. The game is that the ball does not fall. With this dynamic you will ensure that the arm does not separate from the body. Over time you will notice greater control and firmness in your volley.

Volley foot placement

The feet during the volley must be placed parallel and at the moment of impact, advance the opposite foot to the blow.

How to block a volley in Padel?

The blocking of the volley will depend on the position and height of the ball. Following these warnings, if the ball is directed to the body, it is best to block backhand, a more comfortable and natural shot.

On the other hand, if the situation allows you to hit from the forehand, do not use force or the ball will be thrown against the glass. Consequently, to block with the right it will only be necessary to keep the blade firm without vibrating and accompany the weight of the body forward.

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All about the Volley in Padel (2024)


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