The Guides’ Side, May 1999

Capt. Joe Blados

(516) 765-3670

May fly fishing begins in the creeks of Southold and Peconic bays. Look for grass shrimp and bunker to be the predominant baits early on. If Squid are present, look for Fluke. Schoolie Bass will be followed by Bluefish in the and 6 pound range, usually in the 1st week of May. Fish day or night and the main patterns will consist of shrimp patterns, crease flies (worked slow) and clousers.

Shallow Water Guide Service

Charlie Robinson – (516) 283-5588

May fishing usually starts off in the Peconic Bays, in creeks such as Sebonac, Towd Point and Cold Spring Creek. Work the outgoing tides, for bass, bluefish, fluke and maybe a weakfish or two. Use a floating or intermediate line in the 8 or 9 wt. class. Patterns you should have include, small white Deceivers (size 2) clousers, sand eel patterns and Dixon cinder worm flies (during the new moon tides)

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Anything Goes With Jack, April 1999

Wow! This Intenet thing is really a big help lately. Tides, fishing reports, tons of information, fishing gear and so on, it’s all there. The only thing missing is the first hand experience of fishing by you, the person fishing. Getting on the water and fishing is the only way to keep up with consistent patterns the fish take. Continue reading