Year-End Letter from Our Club President

Hi Saltys – I guess the season has come to an end for most of us….locally that is. Those of us who have the time and resources to travel to Florida or other more southerly destinations can enjoy a perennial, ongoing fishing season!

As a club, we had several fishing outings and signed up a few new members which is excellent. We hosted some great local guides and fly tiers who donated their time and knowledge to us and we are all thankful to them for that. Casting on the lawn was also a lot of fun…thank you Lou, Paul and Michael. The conclave was a success despite the lack of cooperation of our targeted line siders and other finned evaders!

It was my pleasure to serve as club president in 2019 but I am stepping down to let another member take the reigns. I wish you all a great holiday and a Happy New Year to you and your families, and I look forward to fishing with you in 2020!

Cyber Monday Special: Offer Three Years for the Price of Two

The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation announced the agency will offer a one-day only deal on Cyber Monday, Dec. 1, for its Empire Passport.

The online-only special reduces the price of the 3-Year Empire Passport to $130, an additional savings off the already discounted standard price of $165, state officials said.

“New York’s outdoors is the four-season destination of choice for adventure and fun, and a multi-year Empire Passport makes it that much easier for family and friends to explore the parks,” State Parks Commissioner Rose Harvey said in a statement. “With our Cyber Monday special purchase, it’s like buying two years and getting the third for free! Imagine all the hiking, boating, picnicking, biking, swimming and more that you can enjoy, while making memories that will last a lifetime.”

Valid from the date the passport is received through March 31, 2018, the 3-Year Empire Passport will provide holders unlimited vehicle access to all state parks, nature centers, recreation areas, boat launch sites, arboretums and park preserves, in addition to 55 forest preserve sites operated by the state Department of Environmental Conservation, officials said.

These fish are stacked up for miles along the beach!

by Betty and John Timmermann

It’s the end of October, a Thursday night, and we’re checking and double checking our fly fishing equipment for a trip to Cape Lookout, North Carolina. The phone rings, and as we pick up we hear the melodious tones of our old friend Charlie Robinson booming, ” When the hell are you guys going to get out here and do some bass fishing?” When Charlie starts a conversation without “Didja hear the joke about…” something earth-shattering is happening. “Can you get out here this weekend? These fish are stacked up for miles along the beach.” After making meeting arrangements and some chitchat with Charlie, we changed gears and unpacked some equipment for the weekend.

For those new members and members who have not met Charlie, let us give you a brief description. Charlie has been a member of the Salty Flyrodders for a number of years. You may not see him at monthly meetings that often, because he is a life-long resident of Southampton and the trip into Queens can be a long adventure. If you have ever attended our conclave, or plan to, you will recognize him by his western style hat and his willingness to help in any manner possible. He will do it all, from casting instruction to hauling coolers. He is a professional guide and casting instructor with a vast knowledge of Long Island’s East End fishing. Continue reading

A weekend fishing with Captain Tom Shubat in Tampa area

By: Brian Timmins

Over the weekend of March 25 to 30 this year my wife and I were in the Tampa area of Florida to attend a reunion. We were busy the first few days but found that we had nothing planned for Monday the 29th. Since I did my homework before leaving home, I dug out my notes, made one call, and arranged a charter trip the night before (last minute luck).

I contacted Angler South Inc. which advertises “Classic Flats Fishing” on Tampa Bay and in Sarasota. This turned out to be Captain Tom Shubat, formerly of the Connecticut side of Long Island Sound. While this was a new name to me, I’m sure some of our longer-term members will remember him, or at least his several articles on fishing Long Island Sound. He currently has an article in Fly Fishing In Salt Water about the recovering permit fishery in Tampa Bay. He operates out of Anna Maria Island, which is on the south side of the mouth of Tampa Bay, close to Sarasota.

We booked Capt. Tom for a half day and had a wonderful experience. We met at 9:00 A.M. and after a short drive to his boat, we settled in on his Mako Marine flats boat (our first time on a real flats boat). We first tried fishing for Sea Trout along a sea wall that usually produces well early in the morning. No luck, but I’m sure he was also evaluating our casting ability. We then stopped at a marina gassed up and headed out into the bay.

We stopped by a fairly deep flat and started hooking up with Ladyfish of 20 to 24 inches. We landed a few and jumped a few more. These fish must breathe air based on the way they jump. This was great fun, which included my wife’s first ever fly caught salt-water fish.

Continue reading