Flat Wing Baitfish Pattern by David Nelson

Flat Wing Baitfish


Hook: Standard length hook (Mustad 34007, Tiemo 811S)
Base/tail: 2 ½” – 3″ long neck hackle
Body: reverse tied buck tail*
Tail: saddle hackle: extend 3″ beyond neck hackle
Flash: optional
Belly: small, sparse buck tail*
Wing: small, sparse buck tail*
Belly flash: light color angel hair, GSS, wing & flash, or similar
Wing flash: contrasting color of angel hair, GSS, wing & flash
Cement: Dave’s flexament
Eyes: jungle cock, (optional)
* It’s a good idea to use buck tail from the base of the tail and allow it to splay as you tighten your thread wraps since the intention is to build bulk without adding weight weight – hollow fleye style.
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Sea Rabbit

The Sea Rabbit series of flies is a combination of different tiers’ styles of tying on one hook! It combines a hy-ty back with a flat wing style double rabbit tail and a bead or cone head to get the fly down. It can also be tied as an intermediate fly by eliminating the cone and replacing it with a set of bead chain eyes. Color combinations for the fly are endless. Tie it all black and it’s an eel. For schoolies, try chartreuse and tan or all chartreuse or all tan. The two colors come from pieces of rabbit zonker fur tied on opposite sides of the hook, thus the two color possibilities.

Because the two pieces of fur are tied at the head on opposite sides of the hook it leaves room for a top wing of peacock sword or a hy-ty of flash material or both. Fish this fly and other bunny flies all spring and summer right through to the fall. I’ve caught blues, stripers, fluke, weaks and yes even false albacore find it irresistible.

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