How I Learned About the Clousers I’ve Been Touting

by Rino Bratelli

I’d like to thank Tom Baumann for the wonderful article in last month’s newsletter, about our Fall trips. It brought back fond memories of last season.

The purpose of this article is to inform the membership about how I learned about the Clouser pattern which I’ve touted for the past few years.

I was introduced to the “SPS Flashtail Clouser”, by my good friend Dan Blanton. As many of you recall, Dan was the Conclave guest a couple of years ago. Some of you may also remember that Dan Blanton was also a Conclave guest nearly 20 years ago, which was my first opportunity to meet and spend some time with him.

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Belize Measures Up to its Billing

A Flyfisher’s Paradise

By Jaiem Fleishmann

For some time, I had wanted to take a trip to a far away exotic fishing spot. Visions of tarpon, bonefish, jacks, ‘cudas and the rest had been enticing me for years. I finally got my wish when I joined a group lead by Joe Keegan from Ramsey Outdoor Sports on a trip to Turnireffe Flats Lodge in Belize. What an adventure it was!

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Conservation Chair Appointed

My name is Alan Evelyn and I’m the new Conservation Chair for the Club. My goal as the Conservation Chair is to help the club members maintain and expand their conservation activities. It is my plan to keep the membership informed on conservation issues through the newsletter, website, email, and the monthly meetings. If you have conservation items that you would like me to bring to the club’s attention, please let me know. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that the voices of all club members are heard loud and clear about the importance of protecting our fisheries. Continue reading

A Great Tapered Saltwater Leader

A Little Taste Of Salt With Lefty Kreh

After even brief experience, the average saltwater fly rodder is able to determine somewhat the type of fly line he needs, the proper rod, and has a good idea as to which flies will produce. But, most saltwater fly fishermen have almost no understanding of the function of their tapered leader.

Aside from seriously mismatched tackle, an improperly designed leader is one of the greatest reasons why a cast does not get to the target. Or if it does, it presents the fly incorrectly. The fly may fall back on the leader, or it crashes to the water so heavily that it discourages the fish from striking.

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Anything Goes With Jack, March 1999

By Jack Denny

Well this is the month that things will begin to happen and it couldn’t happen soon enough. Stripers will be moving into local waters and some other species will start to become active.

But it is the stripers that we have been waiting for and if we have a normal spring then we should see some action very soon. The key is the sun and the bottom of your favorite early spring fishing hole, it should be a dark bottom.

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