Help protect deep-sea corals from destructive fishing practices

Take Action by Jan 28th. Tell the Mid Atlantic Fishery Management Council to protect deep-sea corals from destructive fishing practices.


Not far off the East Coast of the United States, deep-sea corals such as those pictured provide critical habitat for countless fish and invertebrates. Research suggests that these ancient, fragile creatures provide critical habitat for the diverse species that live with them and form the foundation of ecosystems that may someday yield extraordinary benefits to human health. Help us protect an area that is 39,000 sq miles off the coast of NY, NJ, DE, MD, VA. This could establish the largest habitat protection area in the history of Atlantic fishery management. Let your council members know that you want them to take action!

Video excerpts from NOAA’s deep-sea coral explorations along the Atlantic Coast

Sample Letter Opposing the Atlantic Tunas, Swordfish and Sharks Management Plan and the Billfish Amendment

By Alan Evelyn Conservation Chair

Several Salties have contacted me about writing letters to voice their opposition to National Marine Fisheries Service plans regarding Atlantic Tunas, Swordfish and Sharks and the Billfish Amendment (see March’s newsletter) They suggested I provide a sample letter for the Club members to use. I thought it was an excellent idea. This is the letter that I sent to Senator Schumer. Please feel free to copy it word for word, just use some of the language or ignore completely. The important thing is to write and voice your opposition.

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Congratulations Chuck Mills!

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Chuck Mills for placing THIRD in the FLY DIVISION of the Jamaica Bay Kayak Fishing Tournament this past weekend with a keeper-sized striper on the fly!!!! Chuck, you do us proud. Keep those lines tight and we’re looking forward to seeing you on our next trip.

Petition to Abolish Nets on the Chesapeake Bay and its Tidal Tributaries

The Chesapeake is the largest spawning area for Striped bass on the East coast. Targeting these fish just before and right after their spawn makes no sense. Until gamefish status becomes a reality, fighting against net harvesting will have to do. Please sign the petition here.

Thank you for your support. What affects stripers in their spawning grounds affects us all.


I never thought much about leverage as it applies to casting a fly line until last week at the Somerset show. Joel and I had decided to check out a couple of the new rods being offered by Sage and Scott. While Joel, and several other people were casting, I was talking with Bert Darrow, the TGA president who is also a certified casting instructor. He was pointing out to me the way several of the casts we were watching (not Joel’s of course) were dying at the end of the cast. You know what I mean. The cast would roll out very nicely until the very end, and then the end of the line and leader would collapse in a bundle instead of splaying out fully and dropping gently to the floor.

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