FCA Fly Tying in Staten Island

The Fisherman’s Conservation Association (FCA) will be hosting the annual Winter Fly Tying gatherings every Sunday morning, starting January 9th through March 27th, 2011.

Admission: Free

Time: 9am-11am

Blue Heron Park Nature Center
222 Poillion Ave
Staten Island, NY

Description: Primarily Saltwater Fly Tyers in attendance. The FCA will supply entry level vises and limited materials for Newbies, however skilled tyers should plan on bringing your own equipment and materials. This is open gathering, sharing/swapping fly patterns, etc. Newbies to Advanced fly tyers are welcome to join.

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Beginner Level 1: Saltwater Fly Tying Manual

This class is designed for people who have never tied a fly before. The objective will be to emphasize repetition and simplicity as a foundation for learning new patterns. Basic skills of identifying hooks, identifying thread, identifying tools, identifying the most common materials and simply applying thread to the hook with a handful of different material types will be taught.

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How I Learned About the Clousers I’ve Been Touting

by Rino Bratelli

I’d like to thank Tom Baumann for the wonderful article in last month’s newsletter, about our Fall trips. It brought back fond memories of last season.

The purpose of this article is to inform the membership about how I learned about the Clouser pattern which I’ve touted for the past few years.

I was introduced to the “SPS Flashtail Clouser”, by my good friend Dan Blanton. As many of you recall, Dan was the Conclave guest a couple of years ago. Some of you may also remember that Dan Blanton was also a Conclave guest nearly 20 years ago, which was my first opportunity to meet and spend some time with him.

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