Jack Dandy

Jack DandyThe Flat Wing streamer has gained some popularity in the last few years and with good reason. The long thin hackle undulate in the water giving it an enticing motion that fish clearly like. The one draw back to this type of pattern is finding the right hackle to the job and still maintain a length of at least 6 to 7 inches long. I came up with the Jack Dandy simply to imitate the action of the flat wing without using the hackle to do it.

Casting the Jack Dandy requires no change in the stripping motion to achieve the same action as the standard flat wing. Strip it with long and short jerks to the fly line, then let it rest a few moments to let the natural movement of the current give the fly a very enticing sway, then repeat the process. The Jack Dandy is a mixture of both natural and synthetic material and you will find the blend of materials easy to work with.



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Simroe Special

Simroe SpecialThis fly is named in honor of Master rod builder Ted Simroe. Ted and the legendary Lefty Kreh developed this pattern years ago for stripers and albacore fishing. It is basically a streamer pattern. As with most streamers it is easy to cast, matches well small and medium sized baits and is very durable even with toothy critters such as bluefish. I used this pattern last fall at Montauk and stripers loved it! This pattern can be tied in an almost infinite combination of colors such as tan/white, green/chartreuse, olive/white, sea foam green/white, purple/lavender and yellow/white.




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Super Bunker

Super BunkerBunker (a.k.a. Moss Bunker, Menhaden, Pogies etc) are the "potato chips" of the bait fish community. Just about all inshore and near-shore game fish feed on bunker including striped bass, bluefish, weakfish (sea trout), drum, cobia, snook and tarpon.

This pattern effectively imitates the small "peanut bunker" bait that has been especially common in our local waters for several seasons. The translucent qualities of Super Hair add a very life like appearance to this pattern. An Owner hook is used to ensure strength and sharpness but a Gamakatsu, Trey Combs or similar hook can be substituted. Also, replacing the olive Super Hair with blue and you have a good herring simulation fly.




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