President’s Flyline March 2009


Bob Skoy

President’s Flyline: March 2009


Accessing fishable waters


March 2 Stan Knipe, our Trip Chairman, and a New York State Guide, will talk to us about day trips, accessing fishable waters, and parking.  Stan has created contact info for obtaining parking and access permits.  This has been posted in the Members section of the Salty web site.

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President’s Flyline Dec 2008


Bob Skoy

President’s Flyline: December 2008


Our annual Holiday Party at the Botanical Gardens was a great success.  Those of you who were unable to attend missed a good time, year-end camaraderie, talk of 2009, and MOST IMPORTANTLY the opportunity to show your appreciation for the hard work of Bill Stio, Joel Filner, Jose Colon, Patrick Long, Dee Kelly, Peter Kane, the Board of Directors, and the many Committee Chairs and members who made the last two years among the best.


Members came bearing gifts of delicious home made food, including stew and pasta dishes, salads, and egg rolls, all made with tantalizing ingredients – and then there were the desserts – and, of course beverages.   Holiday raffle prizes included, an Abel Reel, Albright rod, a hand crafted marble-Hughes vice-stand, and numerous other items. 


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President’s Newsletter November 2008

Bill Stio 2007As this fishing season slowly comes to an end so also does my tenure as president of the Salty Flyrodders. If you were at the November meeting you heard Crazy Alberto predict that the season may not end until early in 2009. Unlike the fishing season my tenure will end in 2008 and a new slate of officers will take over the reigns. Bob Skoy will be the president, Jose Colon the vice president, Peter Kane secretary and Joel Filner will continue on as treasurer. Dee Kelly will remain also as a director and rejoining member Stan Knipe will also be a director. Patrick and I will remain as directors also.
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June 1999 NL


  Double Haul


The Newsletter of The "Salty" Flyrodders of New York June 1999


The "Salty" Flyrodders of New York meet monthly at the Queens Botanical Gardens, 43-50 Main Street , Flushing, about one mile north of the LIE. Meetings are held at 8 p.m. on the first Monday of the month, except during January, July and September when they take place on the 3rd Wednesday.


THE NEXT MEETING WILL BE HELD ON: June 7th (see inside for details)



Striped Bass are Back!

Copyright 1999 by the New York Times, reprinted by permission


No fish is more emblematic of New York’s waterfront setting than the striped bass. "Its symmetry, marks, and satin sheen," wrote Genio Scott 130 years ago, "render it one of the most picturesque and interesting fishes in the world, independent of its great game, generous play, and luxury as a dinner fish." One rarely hears more enjoyable news than the report this spring, from up and down the Hudson River, that striped bass have returned in greatly increased numbers and sizes. There is even better news. In the lower river the bass have generally been testing below the Federal limit allowed for PCB’s, which were released into the river years ago by General Electric.

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President’s Letter, August 1999

One of the most dreaded moments I face every season as a commercial tier is sitting at my bench in 100+ temps, humid and sticky and you can’t use a fan. Well, I finally broke down and am the proud owner of 12,000 btu (bring on the heat) air conditioner. Sometimes the obvious is not always the obvious. OK Devcon, make my day!

First off, I would like to apologize to all who made their way to West Meadow Beach on July 10th, only to find water. There was a snafu in the communication lines, and hell, I screwed up. I have already said 10 Acts of contrition and 3 Hail Mary’s, and my back still hurts from the flogging. Well, the new date is July 24th at the same time, same place. Bruce Marin will be your guide. All inquiries should be made to him at (516) (928-4014). I think that in order to keep everyone aware of last minute changes in club events, I’m going to have an 800 number set up, for just that purpose. I’ll keep you informed.

August 2nd will be a special event for our club meeting. It’s the return of our good friend Bob Popovics. Keep that date open, as you won’t want to miss a chance to rub elbows with one of the finest saltwater fly designer’s in the world.

The Salty Flyrodders photo contest is on and running. Don’t miss the opportunity to win a 1/2 day fishing charter. More info at the meeting.

We are already in the process of putting together our Y2K conclave, which I promise will be a spectacular event. That will be held on June 2,3, and 4, 2000.

Please note our September meeting will feature Mr. Bob Ververka, author of the new and hottest best selling book “Innovative Saltwater Flies.”

We are also putting together another club picnic for September at Sunken Meadow State Park. More to follow. Now is not the time to stay away from club functions. The Salty Flyrodders will be Rocking & Rollin into the new millennium.