Why Fly Fish From a Kayak?

Eddie McGuire on kayak with striperThe simple answer to this question is “Location, Location, Location”. The fish can move freely about the water depths and wading anglers can not. Anyone experienced with fishing from the surf can probably recall many times when distance in the cast often made a big difference in the quantity and quality of fish caught. Though techniques in distance casting taught by some of the masters like Lefty Kreh and Lou Tabory can help the average angler to send a few extra yards of shooting line through their guides, there are still often situations where being able to chase the fish down into some deeper water (or more rapidly down the shoreline) can translate into more fish caught and released.

Taking the game to the fish opens more opportunity for the angler, but also has its compromises. Beginners at fly casting should probably hone their skills on terra firma before taking their first paddle. Seasoned casters will still need to make adjustments in their casting technique, but will find that all the same principles of casting apply on the kayak as they do on the shoreline. One dramatic change will be the requirements of often making long casts. The unique advantage of fishing from a kayak is that the angler can literally sneak up on the fish undetected. Of course, this won’t automatically translate to an immediate catch, but it increases the angler’s opportunity at fish.

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President’s Flyline Dec 2008


Bob Skoy

President’s Flyline: December 2008


Our annual Holiday Party at the Botanical Gardens was a great success.  Those of you who were unable to attend missed a good time, year-end camaraderie, talk of 2009, and MOST IMPORTANTLY the opportunity to show your appreciation for the hard work of Bill Stio, Joel Filner, Jose Colon, Patrick Long, Dee Kelly, Peter Kane, the Board of Directors, and the many Committee Chairs and members who made the last two years among the best.


Members came bearing gifts of delicious home made food, including stew and pasta dishes, salads, and egg rolls, all made with tantalizing ingredients – and then there were the desserts – and, of course beverages.   Holiday raffle prizes included, an Abel Reel, Albright rod, a hand crafted marble-Hughes vice-stand, and numerous other items. 


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