Midnight Blonde

By Betty Anne Timmermann

midnight blondeThe Midnight Blonde is my version of a Joe Brooks Blonde in red and black. I used it last fall through a 4-1/2 blitz. It held up well, even with the bluefish. The fish seemed so eager to take the fly that I actually thought, for a moment that they would take anything, so I changed to a solid black with a touch of flash. I stopped catching fish. I tied my midnight blonde back on, and once again I was into fish!

Materials Needed

  • Thread- 3/0 black
  • Hook- Eagle claw 254
  • Body- Red bucktail wrapped with claret sparkle or shimmer flash.
  • Wing- Black bucktail
  • Lateral Line- Red crystal flash
  • Head- Formed with thread
  • Eyes- Prismatic stick-ons
  • You will also need 5min epoxy

Steps to tie

  1. Starting directly behind the hook eye, run thread evenly to the bend of the hook.
  2. Tie in sparse length of red bucktail forward to the hook eye. (Lengths should vary to match size of bait present and are generally 1-1/2 to 3-1/2 ins.)
  3. Take approximately 4 strands of sparkle flash or shimmer flash and tie in where you left off. Wrap the flash back to the bend and then forward to the hook eye. Secure flash and trim.
  4. Tie in 3 or 4 strands of crystal flash at the head and secure.
  5. Tie in sparse length of black bucktail and secure.
  6. Use thread to form a tapered head, whip finish and trim thread.
  7. Apply a thin coat of 5min epoxy to the head. Coat the belly also (the sparkle flash of shimmer flash) Allow to dry.
  8. Install size 1-1/2 prismatic stick-on eyes (I use silver or red).
  9. Finish off with a light coat of epoxy to the head.
  10. Let dry and hit the beach!

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