President’s Newsletter November 2008

Bill Stio 2007As this fishing season slowly comes to an end so also does my tenure as president of the Salty Flyrodders. If you were at the November meeting you heard Crazy Alberto predict that the season may not end until early in 2009. Unlike the fishing season my tenure will end in 2008 and a new slate of officers will take over the reigns. Bob Skoy will be the president, Jose Colon the vice president, Peter Kane secretary and Joel Filner will continue on as treasurer. Dee Kelly will remain also as a director and rejoining member Stan Knipe will also be a director. Patrick and I will remain as directors also.

From all reports, the fishing has been great this fall with the exception of the Albies which made a brief appearance and then headed south. I hope you all had the opportunity take part in the excitement. There is still plenty of time if Alberto’s prediction holds true. A bad snow storm, said Al, is the only thing that might put an end to the season. Alberto continued on from his presentation of last year when he told us about keeping a log and how the red tide played a trick on his theory for the best tides for spring fishing. His point was that you have to observe the situation at hand and adjust to the conditions.

At the October meeting, Bob Lindquist, gave a great presentation on the theory of developing new fly patterns. Not just “matching the hatch” but how form follows function.

A project that most of you heard me talk about has occurred. If you are reading this letter it is because you are on our new website. Many thanks to the entire Board, especially Jose and Patrick, whose hard work has made our dream a reality. The site has many new features including a forum open to members only and the ability to pay your dues online through a secure link using Paypal or a credit card of your choice. All comments and suggestions are welcome as this will be a work in progress as new features and improvements are added.

Our next meeting, on December 1st, is the annual Holiday party, complete with a raffle for a rod and reel amongst other great prizes as well as food and drink. The rules are simple. Bring a hot or cold dish to share and the club will provide the beverages.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Keep’em tight