Jack Dandy

Jack DandyThe Flat Wing streamer has gained some popularity in the last few years and with good reason. The long thin hackle undulate in the water giving it an enticing motion that fish clearly like. The one draw back to this type of pattern is finding the right hackle to the job and still maintain a length of at least 6 to 7 inches long. I came up with the Jack Dandy simply to imitate the action of the flat wing without using the hackle to do it.

Casting the Jack Dandy requires no change in the stripping motion to achieve the same action as the standard flat wing. Strip it with long and short jerks to the fly line, then let it rest a few moments to let the natural movement of the current give the fly a very enticing sway, then repeat the process. The Jack Dandy is a mixture of both natural and synthetic material and you will find the blend of materials easy to work with.





Thread: fine monoHook: Eagle Claw NT-2050 Circle hook
Eye: Jungle Cock
Flash: Ice Angel Hair, Sparkle Flash UV Blue Pearl, Gliss n Glow silver
Bottom Wing: Slinky Fiber white
Middle Wing: Icelandic Sheep chartreuse & olive
Top Wing: Peacock Herl


Tying Instructions

  1. Cut a small bunch of Slinky Fiber (the whole six inch length) and roll out the tips to create a nice tapered end while tying down the butt ends to rear of the shank of the hook.
  2. Pull a long section of angel hair from the plastic tie and place the center of the hair on your tread and bring it down to your tie in point and make a few wraps to secure.
  3. Move your thread to the middle of the hook shank, cut another small bunch of slinky fiber and fold it. The length should now be about an 1/2 inch to an inch shorter than the tail. Once you tie that in push down with your thumb to allow the material to fall to the sides of the hook shank without completely encircling it.
  4. Take a few strands of angel hair and GlissNGloss, roll with your index finger and thumb to mix flash and tie in just before your tie in point of your middle segment of slinky fiber.
  5. Move your thread to the eye of the hook. [ because this hook has such a short shank you must be aware of the of the size of the bunches of material you use and the placement. Otherwise you will end up with a balloon for a fly ] Repeat slinky fiber process of #2
  6. Take another bunch of slinky fiber, fold it and tie in under the eye of the hook. You want to cut this portion to emulate the belly of the fly.
  7. Take a long length of chartreuse sheep hair and tie on top and right behind the hook eye, add some sparkle flash.
  8. Take a length of olive sheep hair slightly shorter than the chartreuse and tie in and put another few stands of sparkle flash.
  9. Add about twenty strands of peacock herl on top of the olive sheep hair.
  10. Take 2 medium jungle Cock eyes and place one on either side. Switch your thread to black and finish off the head. 





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