Gray Yak Bunker

Gray Yak BunkerThis fly is an excellent pattern for imitating medium and large baits such as bunker, herring and mullet. It is easy to tie and very durable. The fly can be fished day or night, shallow or deep. You can substitute blue or green Slinky Fibre (formerly called Kinky Fibre) to be more herring or mackerel colored, respectively.






Hook: Owner Aki 5/0 or similar wide gap

Body: Slinky Fibre, gray, white· Throat РKinky Fibre, red

Flash: Pearl Mirage or Flashabou, silver Gliss N Glow· Eye Р8.0 silver/black stick-on

Thread: Fine mono

Misc: Head cement, Softex



Tying Instructions


  1. Place hook in vise and tie alternating sections of sparse white Slinky Fibre around the shank, behind the eye, forming a collar and pearl Mirage or Flashabou.
  2. On top of the fly add 2 or 3 sparse sections of gray Slinky Fibre mixed with silver Gliss N Glow.
  3. Under the fly tie a short (1" or so) sparse section of red Slinky Fibre.
  4. Whip finish the head and seal with head cement.
  5. Attach a stick-on eye to either side of the fly just behind the hook eye.
  6. Trim the rear materials to form a slight taper.
  7. Coat the head of the fly (from behind the hook eye to the hook bend) with Softex. Allow to dry completely in a well ventilated area.



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