Super Bunker

Super BunkerBunker (a.k.a. Moss Bunker, Menhaden, Pogies etc) are the "potato chips" of the bait fish community. Just about all inshore and near-shore game fish feed on bunker including striped bass, bluefish, weakfish (sea trout), drum, cobia, snook and tarpon.

This pattern effectively imitates the small "peanut bunker" bait that has been especially common in our local waters for several seasons. The translucent qualities of Super Hair add a very life like appearance to this pattern. An Owner hook is used to ensure strength and sharpness but a Gamakatsu, Trey Combs or similar hook can be substituted. Also, replacing the olive Super Hair with blue and you have a good herring simulation fly.






Hook: Size 2/0 or 3/0 Owner Aki (or equivalent)

Lower Wing: Super Hair, white

Upper Wing: Super Hair, white, pink, olive, black or brown

Throat: Krystal Flash, red

Flash: Gliss ‘N Glow, Comes Alive or similar in pearl white and silver

Thread: Danville Flat, white

Eye: 3D Stick-On, size #6 (3/8")

Misc: Head cement, Goop

Tying Directions

  1. Form the lower wing by tying on a medium section of white Super Hair, 3 inches long, on the under side of the hook extending back past the bend.
  2. Add 6 to 8 strands of red Krystal Flash, approx ΒΌ" long, on top of the lower wing to simulate gills.
  3. On top of the hook start by tying on another medium section of white Super Hair, 3 inches long.
  4. On top of that add a thin section of pink Super Hair, 3 inches long.
  5. Next tie a thin section of olive Super Hair, 3 inches long.
  6. Finally, top it off with a thin section of black or brown Super Hair, 3 inches long.
  7. Tie 3 strands of pearl and 3 strands of silver Gliss ‘N Glow, Comes Alive, Flashabou or similar material along both sides of the fly. Trim the flash to be the same length as the Super Hair.
  8. Whip finish the head and coat well with head cement.
  9. Place a drop of Goop on the back of each 3D eye and press it on to the fly behind the head. Press both eyes firmly together thus causing the Super Hair to spread out forming a broad side profile.
  10. Allow to dry thoroughly.





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