Sea Rabbit

The Sea Rabbit series of flies is a combination of different tiers’ styles of tying on one hook! It combines a hy-ty back with a flat wing style double rabbit tail and a bead or cone head to get the fly down. It can also be tied as an intermediate fly by eliminating the cone and replacing it with a set of bead chain eyes. Color combinations for the fly are endless. Tie it all black and it’s an eel. For schoolies, try chartreuse and tan or all chartreuse or all tan. The two colors come from pieces of rabbit zonker fur tied on opposite sides of the hook, thus the two color possibilities.

Because the two pieces of fur are tied at the head on opposite sides of the hook it leaves room for a top wing of peacock sword or a hy-ty of flash material or both. Fish this fly and other bunny flies all spring and summer right through to the fall. I’ve caught blues, stripers, fluke, weaks and yes even false albacore find it irresistible.


  • Hook: Tiemco 911s Size 4-1/0 or 811s Size 2-1
  • Bead head: Size to fit hook
  • Flash: Silver Krystal to compliment rabbit color
  • Underbody: Bill’s Bodi-Braid gold
  • Thread: Mono
  • Body: Rabbit strips –2- one for each side (length to be even with tail or sword)
  • Top wing: Peacock sword or hy-ty flash material
  • Eyes: #2 Prismatic stick-on
  • Epoxy: 5 minute- used behind cone covers eyes and belly
  • Glue: Elmer’s contact cement

Tying Instructions

  1. Place cone on hook and secure hook in vice.
  2. Start thread at bend and attach a tail of 15 –20 strands of Krystal flash, by doubling it and attaching it to the top of hook.
  3. Start Bodi -Braid over tail wraps and apply three layers to build up enough body to apply glue, and then later attach rabbit strips.
  4. Apply contact cement to top and sides of Bodi-Braid so it dries during next step.
  5. If using peacock swords attach now by selecting two fine ends of sword feather that match and apply contact cement to base. When dry, tie down feathers in the front of the hook by pushing under cone and tie down with thread. Attach sword full length of hook by pushing the feathers down onto the dry cement already on the top of the hook. Let swords extend past hook 1 1/2 inches, but glue where it touches Bodi- Braid.
  6. If using a hy-ty wing, instead of the Peacock sword, start at the tail. Hy-ty flash material up shank on back of hook leaving 1/8–3/16ths space before cone to attach rabbit on each side.
  7. Attach two rabbit strips, one on each side of body. They can be one or two colors. Attach on side of head, push some rabbit in cone and tie down. Continue wrapping behind cone until cone becomes tight from thread forcing it forward and whip finish.
  8. Apply glue to leather side of rabbit strips with the bodkin and let dry one minute. Very little cement is needed for this step.
  9. When glue dries apply rabbit strips to sides of glued Bodi-Braid (step four). Continue past hook by touching both leather strips together while pulling sword and flash out of the way. Press leather together with fingertips so it stays tight.
  10. Now you should have a fly with two sides covered with rabbit and a sword and flash tail on top of equal length (or hy-ty flash wing).
  11. Add #2 prismatic eyes to fur behind cone by dampening fingers and stroking fur towards back of fly. Apply eyes on groomed fur behind cone, one on each side.
  12. Add 5- minute epoxy behind cone, cover eyes and top to peacock sword. Also cover the exposed Bodi-Braid on belly, as this really adds to the longevity of the fly.