Beginner Level 1: Saltwater Fly Tying Manual

This class is designed for people who have never tied a fly before. The objective will be to emphasize repetition and simplicity as a foundation for learning new patterns. Basic skills of identifying hooks, identifying thread, identifying tools, identifying the most common materials and simply applying thread to the hook with a handful of different material types will be taught.

The key to success in this class is strictly limiting the types of materials used in tying and the number of patterns taught. Another difference between this class and the other beginners class is that students will have the option (with a small deposit) to take an inexpensive tying kit home on loan for the five week duration of the class. This will be encouraged so as to enable them to practice at home and bring their handy-work in for comparison to others (and models). It will also give students the opportunity to get more feedback on their progress for flies with which they are still struggling. Enrollment will be limited to ten students.

This is the Beginner Level 1 manual (pdf).