Crystal Anchovy Clouser


  • Hook: Daiichi 2546 size 1/0
  • Upper wing: Gray Super Hair
  • Lower wing: White Super Hair
  • Thread: Fine mono
  • Weight: 3/16 Spirit River Real Eye
  • Flash: Silver Holographic Flashabou, Light Blue Krystal Flash, Peacock Krystal Flash
  • Eyes: Silver size 2.0 stick-on
  • Misc: Head cement

Tying Directions

  1. Place hook in vise and anchor thread behind eye of the hook. Securely attach clouser eye/weight behind hook eye.
  2. Tie on a sparse amount of white Super Hair approx 3" long under the fly (over the clouser eye).
  3. Rotate the fly over (point on top) and tie on a sparse amount of gray Super Hair (same length).
  4. Tie 3-4 strands of silver holographic Flashabou along both sides of the gray Super Hair.
  5. Tie a medium amount of light blue Krystal Flash over the gray Super Hair.
  6. Tie a medium amount of peacock Krystal Flash over the light blue Krystal flash.
  7. White finish head, add stick on eye to the clouser weight and coat with head cement.


This fly is designed to imitate small bait fish in very clear water where flash and slight color is more visible than a specific color pattern. Olive or Peacock blue can be substituted for the gray Super Hair as well.