Tarpon from the beach on fly

It’s fishing season, boys and girls! And while we wait for our favorites to settle into their usual spots, how about a virtual seminar about the awesome Tarpon– but with a twist! As if it isn’t challenging enough to fish for Tarpon from a boat with a fly rod… how about chasing Tarpon with a fly rod from the beach? Crazy, you say? Aren’t we all? Join seasoned fly fisherman, acclaimed Florida guide and all-around nice guy Michael Mauri as he discusses his career and love of chasing Tarpon!

Join us on Friday, June 12th at 8:30 PM on Zoom https://zoom.us/j/93853139108?pwd=amFhTWk0YWZkMEZvNW9pOVBjVUJUdz09

photo of a man standing in saltwater approximately up to his mid thigh holding a tarpon by the lip and the belly with a fly rod balanced on his shoulder