February 2nd Meeting

Update: This meeting has been canceled due to weather – see you in March!

two men, one holding a just-caught striped bassOur February meeting will begin on Monday, February 2, 2015 at the Queens Botanical Gardens, Main St, Flushing. Beginning at 7 pm, we will have a short business meeting and will continue in our quest for conservation of our striped bass fishery.

The DEC is mandated to run a program to monitor and study the fishery and our favorite target.

The featured guest is Jesse Hornstein, a marine scientist, working for the DEC at Stony Brook, currently on the Striped Bass Project. He is a local who, as a youth, fished the canals and inlets on Long Island’s shores.

My talk is going to cover all things related to striped bass that occur at the DEC. the title of the talk is “NYSDEC Striped Bass Management Programs.” I plan on covering where we are with the striped bass population today, the different surveys we conduct at the DEC, the information we get out of them, and finally the cooperative angler program and the importance of public participation.

We all are aware of the fishery and its problems, especially since our management councils do not listen to our protests and suggestions and even our requested limits to the problem, simply voting what will decimate the fishery in a few years.

Come on down and see what we can do pro-actively for the fishery.

Please make your presence known and come on down to find a solution.

A renewal application is available ….