Dec 1st Meeting & Holiday Party

Our December meeting/holiday party will begin at 6:30 pm on Monday the 1st at the Queens Botanical Gardens, Main Street, Flushing.

Celebrate our season’s end at our famous holiday get-together and food festival

We will preview next year’s schedule and exciting events planned for spring. A special fly tying evening is part of the plan. The holiday drawing will also feature special prizes, including a Scott S4S 8wt fly rod. You may want to get started on filling out these blank raffle tickets early.

Plan your dinner menu and coordinate with Altay Murat at amurat[at]echelon-software[dot]com to avoid an excess supply of desserts.

Fishing, as the weather allows, is still a bit active. The wind machine is still on for quite a few days, but into the inlets and in the lee, bass are about.

A 2015 membership application is now available as it’s that time of year again.

Tight lines!